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I can offer assessment and therapy at home or school,

A Few Words About ME

Hello, I’m Jo Oakley. I am a qualified children’s Speech and Language Therapist with 17 years experience. I first worked for 9 years in the NHS and since have had my own private practice for the last 8 years. I have worked in a variety of settings; clinics,homes, schools, specialist nurseries /schools and hospital.

I see clients in their home and also work regularly with schools, providing a supportive commissioned service to staff and children. Assessment, diagnosis and therapy to suit a range of ages and needs.

  • Speech sound difficulties – e.g. Billy struggles with the ‘k’ sound,
  • language delay or disorder – e.g. Isla struggles understanding what words like who or when mean, has difficulty retaining and recalling vocabulary, is only using single words
  • social communication difficulties – e.g. Omar struggles to use eye contact, understand more abstract sentences like jokes/sarcasm
  • specialist eating and drinking – e.g. Florence will only eat dry foods, she coughs everytime she drinks.

I have experience of working with deaf/ hearing impaired children and can offer support in this area.

I aim to be flexible for you so happy to see your child at home. nursery or school. Please contact me if you are interested in our assessment or therapy services. We offer discount on regular bookings.

I provide the following services:


Regular therapy or therapy plans for you to work on yourself

Support and advice

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